That German word, “wilkommen,” has a ringing resemblance to my own English phrase, “Welcome in!” So welcome in to my collection of quietly published words. I hope to hear your voice in comments and reflections as I reach out with mine. I also hope that every poem, every post, will reflect light back to you, inspiration for the journey you’re on, encouragement in the midst of all you’re about. To take from something I penned beneath recent snows: life is not about pain or loss or suffering. Life is the Great Overcoming and every second counts.

As I hear the same invitation in my own ears, I invite you to dare and risk to see life for the Great Adventure that it is.

Will you dare to see sunsets swelling with offered courage for today? Will you bend to hear the hope in the Story that the seasons tell and re-tell? Will you find meaning with me in rhythm and cadence, in purposeful pauses quiet enough for you to hear your own heart wondrously beating? I hope you’ll come along with me!

A note about this site: things here are divided into two parts (which are becoming less and less distinct from one another.) You’ll find an archive of poetry & prose under Sam Sings & Writes. Otherwise you’ll find often more blog-like posts beneath the “Samantha” heading. Thanks again for coming in!

– Samantha