On the move

If you know me and you haven’t heard, I’m moving. What? Yes, I am. I know there is so much bittersweetness anytime anyone moves from one place to another – especially when it’s your hometown you’re leaving. I have deep roots here in my native Oklahoma land, but I’m also filled with anticipation and excitement to walk with the Lord into this new life-chapter.

So now that I’ve told you that I’m moving, you might want to know where. I’m stepping out in faith with Jesus and I’m moving up Kansas City to study with the International House of Prayer. They’ve cultivated a unique, fully-fledged Bible school that focuses on theological training within the context of a night-and-day prayer and missions base. I’m honored to get to dream big dreams with God for this next season as I plan to step foot on campus there in January.

In the meantime, you can bet my heart and my hands will be full these next few months as I work closely with some of my sweet friends in ministry here in Tulsa. I get to talk about Jesus with high schoolers every week as well as partner with a local, Christ-centered youth ranch that reaches out to bring emotional healing to foster kids through horses and mentorship. What a privilege!

More details and reflections on the beautiful things that Jesus is doing in His Tulsa Bride soon to come. Your prayers are cherished and appreciated! If you’re local and you want to grab a coffee before I leave, send me a text!



2 thoughts on “On the move

  1. That’s awesome Sam! IHOP will be a great place for you and your talents. May God use you in a mighty way for his kingdom.

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