A Week Away

Hello everyone,

Can you believe it? Moving day is a little less than a week away. I’ve felt a little paralyzed in the midst of all the boxes in my room just trying to figure out what to pack next (thankfully I’m almost done!)

I posted back in August about my plans to move to KC to study with the International House of Prayer University. Everything is in motion and my friend Catherine and I are shipping out on January 10th.

Catherine and I are also blessed to find ourselves a little over 50% funded via our YouCaring crowd fundraiser (if you haven’t heard about that, visit our page at this link). That’s incredible actually, especially considering how short we’ve been on time to raise the funds. The money we’re raising will go to cover the 50% tuition downpayment we’ll need to make just before our spring semester at IHOPU starts. Please pray for us for the Lord to stretch out his hand and provide the last 50%. We know that however it comes, He has everything we need and loves to supply!

In other news, I have been deeply reflective for the past week, to such a degree that it’s been hard to write out anything that’s been brewing on the inside. I’m encouraged to find Jesus still here, holding my hand and shining as bright as ever, on the other side of a long season of working and school and navigating hardship. I look forward to turning the page to this next phase in my journey with Him because I have confidence that this is where He wants me to be. Please keep my friend Catherine and I in your prayers!


PS – for those of you who are used to following my poetry & prose blog, don’t worry! You can still find it here.


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