He Wants to Walk Closely

Jesus always gives me a reason to write again.

It is easy to forget – or better said, hard to remember – that you were made for sweetness and tenderness and for kindness and for contact when all the world and its systems have been constructed in the interest of preserving distance.

We ride enclosed in our vehicles, we give our orders from talk boxes at drive-thrus, we chart society around us by abstract numbers, statistics, and codes. We lock our doors and stay away from our neighbors while we sit and watch television shows recorded by people we have never known, news reported about people we have no contact with being shared by anchors that we do not know. We read in print the opinions of human minds we have never met. We will surf for hours through websites full of profiles of people that we’ve marked as “friends,” whose thoughts and feelings we only see through the narrow sliver of whatever they’ve been willing to post for all to see – and in the end we are so very far away from one another.

But let me – let us – not forget that in the first days we were made in a garden and there was no sanitizer or soap for the dirt in our fingernails. There was no hiding from one another. And there was no hiding from the Lord. There was no distance. There were no hidden, nefarious things about touch or sharing or knowing one another. We were not wrestling to create distance to make ourselves safe. We were safe – in the nearness, in our vulnerability, in living exposed and honest before the eyes of our God who cherished us and loved to walk with us when the day cooled.

And I believe it: I believe that He wants to walk that closely with us again, with us in our vulnerability and our rawness and our genuineness, with no artifice or number to track us in some grand scheme of world socioeconomics. No, just Him and just us. Just His holy breath filling us up again like the day He first breathed into man and made him a living creature. Just His holy thoughts washing over us again like sweet and mighty waves, washing us again and again with that simple truth: that we are safe with Him.

– Samantha


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