Any Given Moment

Do we take it all in?

Do we live each moment for what it truly is: a holy gift?

It’s easy enough to say that we do. It’s simple enough to make it our marketed mantra, the brand name stamped on our churches or whispering in the soundtrack of our most inspirational commercials, but do we really live there?

Do we take it all in?

Do we live each moment like it’s a holy gift?

There’s a trick to these things, you know. We are so used to complaining and striving and simply surviving that we walk right by them. How many beautiful things spring up all around us, like plenteous flowers in an unending meadow, things to admire at any given moment – and I affirm what I said: any given moment.

Walk out into the frigid, Kansas City April snow that should-not-have-been (according to Mr. Groundhog in February) and with your breath curling out on the air like liquid frost, do you wonder? Or do you grumble inside? Do you grumble that this is just another inconsistency, another difficulty to pass through unpleasantly on your morning commute to a workplace that you don’t enjoy? Or does it catch in your throat like when you’re about to cry at a movie, the quintessence of a surprise gift from a really good Father who wants to woo you with His wildness on your way to work?

Do you take it all in? Do you live the moment like it’s a holy gift?

What if that run-in with the difficult co-worker or the contentiousness of a particular client is no longer part of the inevitable pain of the daily grind, but a huge opportunity to do something adventurous: to love without taking a single thought for ourselves? What if the moment they didn’t treat you well isn’t about you being wronged, but an open door to shine a quality of character that is so wild, so free that it’s completely unrestrained by any tit-for-tat, eye-for-an-eye way of living?

Can you see it? Isn’t this moment such a holy gift?

– Samantha


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